I live in Hudson. It is an emblematic place that references the past, present and future of an American experience I bear witness to. The name Hudson refers to the great river, its historic valley and the small riverside city that is my home and point of departure for this series.

Hudson is my adopted home and I will forever be considered an outsider, a status I am accustomed to being an immigrant to the United States. I photograph as a way to relate to my place in the world.

I use a large-format camera that calls for a deliberate approach. This process allows a way to bond openly with my subjects. I can observe and they are able to participate. The photographs become a record of my interest in them and their response to me.

Small-town rural life is a common ideal and photographs tend to idealize what they portray. The nineteenth-century artists of the Hudson River School idealized the landscape through grand romantic vistas of nature. I am informed by that legacy but I find my ideal in the small moments and the ordinary everyday. Hudson represents an essential American ideal to me.